Happy One Month Nicholas

Has it really been a month since Nick arrived? Time is going by so fast. Nick is starting to lose that newborn look and is starting to look more and more like a baby. I am trying to enjoy every precious moment since I know how quickly it goes by...


  • 10 pounds 9 ounces - This kid LOVES to eat. Things are definitely different this time around. Nursing has been easier, but mostly because I knew it would be difficult. Plus, I know how to position Nick and I know what a good latch is supposed to feel like. Basically, I am armed with experience this time. We have had our struggles though. Nick had a bad tongue/lip tie that we had to have cut. Once that was done, he needed to relearn how to use his tongue, so we had a new set of challenges. I was not as apprehensive about supplementing this time around as I was with Zack. This time, I give Nick an ounce or two of expressed milk and then try to nurse. Sometimes he latches sometimes he doesn't. I just try to stay as relaxed and stress free as possible. This last week we have skipped the bottle and have gone right to nursing with a bottle at the end - to make sure he is getting enough. I really don't want to go down the same road we did with Zack - where I thought he was eating but he wasn't and he ended up dropping tons of weight. 

  • 21 and 1/2 inches long


  • Pretty Good - Nick's second favorite thing in life is sleeping. He has slept about 4 to 5 hour stretches from birth. He is starting to be more awake during the day and is sleeping longer at night, which is amazing. We have our fair share of wakeful nights still, but they are few and far between. 


  • 4 ounces of breast milk - Yeah. He is a BIG eater. The nurse in the NICU told us to feed him like a 21 year old - let him keep drinking until he passes out or throws up. Lol. I was worried that I was overfeeding him, especially since Zack only at about 6 ounces at a year! But, our lactation consultant said it was fine since he goes about 3 to 3.5 hours between feedings, he is healthy and gaining weight at a good rate. 


  • Surviving the first month - I was so unsure of myself being home alone with two but Nick has just slipped into our routine. I have crazy moments where both boys are losing it and I have days where I want to cry, but then nap time arrives just in time and I have an opportunity to reset. 
  • Holding his head up - Nick has been doing tummy time since day one and as a result, he is holding his head up really well and for long periods of time. 
  • Follows mama's voice - Nick will turn his head towards my voice - not every time, but more often than not. 
  • Focuses on faces - Nick is really focusing on us whenever we hold him. Sometimes he throws a smile out there, but it's probably just gas.  

Nick's Favorites

  • Eating, sleeping
  • Pooping - He poops a lot!!
  • He loves to have his arms and legs free
  • He loves to cuddle
  • He enjoys tummy time


Thankfully, things are going well around here. Zack is a good big brother. He still does not want much to do with the baby, but every once in a while he gets interested. When I am holding Nick, Zack will run up to me and ask me to put the baby down in his bassinet. Zack gives Nick a gentle pat on the head or tummy whenever he is upset while telling him "its okay baby." Zack likes to deliver a paci to Nick whenever he notices he is without one. We've had maybe two instances of jealousy, one of which was over me and the other was over a Lightening McQueen car. The worse jealously tantrum was over the car....that made me feel good. Ha.

Tim and I are doing really well too. Sometimes we find ourselves just laughing at the crazy moments when both boys are melting down and we're running in every direction....so at least we've kept our sense of humor. The busiest part of the day is always dinner/bath/bedtime since it runs so close together, so we just kind of tag team through it. We have a good system already set up for Zack, so we're just adding Nick to the routine. It works.

All in all, we could not be happier.

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