Sweet Potato; Week 18

Ahhhhh.....where do I even begin. These past two weeks have been just exhausting and these last couple days especially so.

I am so tried of everything. Like everything. I am tried emotionally, physically, mentally.....

Baby boy number two is about the size of a sweet potato this week. He has mastered the art of the yawn and has started hiccuping. I am doing alright. I've been having lots of round ligament pain along with some light contractions. I have been on light bedrest for the past two-ish weeks and I am so ready to be back to normal. I am so beyond tired of not being at full capacity. I think I am in a funk. I get mad at myself when I'm not operating at the level that I expect myself.

Anyway, in better news.....wait. I don't know if it's better news, but I guess other news. We found a scorpion in the house last night. UGH!!!! As if I needed another reason not to sleep. I was mostly freaked out because Zack had just tried to go into that room and what if he'd gotten stung. Of course I immediately got online to research more about the little creature. Thankfully it is the first encounter since moving into our house three years ago. Supposedly these things happen when new construction begins - which we have happening around the corner. And, we've also had a huge amount of crickets around the yard and house...which scorpions find appetizing.

In cuter news....Zack loves to brush his teeth. Every single time we go into the bathroom he cries for his toothbrush. When let him brush in the morning and before bed. He is over the moon when it's time to brush. He sits so sweetly.....on the dog bed - because it is his FAVORITE place in the house...and just brushes away. We have a brushing song and he hums along. It's pretty dang cute.

Lately I have had my heart set on a couple things. One of those is our annual family trip to the desert. It isn't for a couple more months but I am wishing it was this coming weekend. I love going there. I am also wanting to take Zack to disneyland. We've been talking about going and haven't decided if we should go before baby number two or after.

Guess that's it....hopefully this next week will prove to be easier than the last two have been.

How far along: 18 weeks
Gender: BOY
Stretch marks: No more than the usual
Belly button in or out: Same as always
Sleep: Actually not too shabby
Best moment this week: Focusing my time and energy on Zack & Tim because they make me smile
Miss anything: Feeling good
Movement: Lots and lots of somersaults going on in there
Cravings: Still everything
Queasy or sick: So sick. If I wasn't pregnant, Tim would probably think I was bulimic
Looking forward to: Bedtime

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