Changes of a different kind...

So far, this pregnancy hasn't been too bad. I have my moments but nothing compared to what I imagined it would be like. The biggest change I've noticed came this weekend while I was trying to be like my normal non-pregnant self.

This past weekend Tim's cousin came out for a visit. On Friday, we hung out at the house for a little bit before the boys decided to go shooting. They felt bad that I couldn't go (pregnant woman aren't allowed on the shooting range....too hormonal maybe?) but I was so happy to just lay down for an hour. Within minutes of them leaving and my head hitting the pillow, I was OUT!!! After they got back we headed to Haus Murphey (a little German restaurant we love) to help us get in the mood for Oktoberfest.

On Saturday we headed to the Phoenix Oktoberfest. Tim and Adam were like kids in a candy store. They enjoyed the German beer, food and music. They participated in a stein holding competition and the boys somehow became the MC's favorite contestants. The MC kept mentioning them throughout the day. They had an Alphorn contest - I'm not really sure how one was supposed to win that contest - when it was Tim's turn, he played the Notre Dame fight song, which only made the MC love him more and landed him in the newspaper.

Normally, I love going to things like this, but it was so hot Saturday and it just seemed like the heat got to me more than it normally does. I was exhausted and just uncomfortable all day. I held out for about six hours before I was done. Tim did everything he could to make me more comfortable. We found a spot in the shade and he ran to the car to get me a blanket to sit on. He brought me cold water throughout the day and made sure I was doing ok before the boys would head off again. All in all, it was a fun day, I just felt like I was holding them back. By the time we left my back was killing me, I had a huge headache and all I wanted was my bed.

This was the first time that I really didn't feel like myself and I just wonder if I'll always be this way or if my normal self will come back. This was also the first time I felt slightly pregnant. Usually, I only feel pregnant when I'm at the doctor and I hear the baby's heartbeat.

How far along: 18 weeks
Gender: BOY
Stretch marks: None yet
Belly button in or out: Same place as always
Sleep: I have been sleeping so well. 2nd trimester energy my butt...I've been more exhausted then the 1st trimester
Best moment this week: Just getting sleep
Miss anything: Feeling like myself
Movement: I've only had cramps that the doctor said is the baby moving but nothing else.
Cravings: None
Queasy or sick: I've been feeling pretty good 
Looking forward to: A relaxing weekend with Tim

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