Happy 11 Month Birthday!!!

This past year kind of flashed before my eyes yesterday as I was making my bed. Weird. I know. But when I was pregnant, I would make my bed and it would exhaust me so much that once it was made I would take a break and read. I'd lay on my bed with the curtains open so the sun was beaming in and there was a cool breeze. It was always so peaceful.

So this time, as I made my bed; exhausted for a completely different reason; sun beaming in; Zack crying because I'd taken my phone away from him; that breeze hit my skin and took me back. I loved those quiet moments and all of that excitement and anticipation flooded my memory. I looked at Zack - who had stopped crying and found something else he wasn't supposed be playing with - and I couldn't help but smile.

I have been reflecting a lot on our last year. We've come a long way - me just as much as him. I am trying to stay in the moment and appreciate every little thing because I know that before I know it, he'll be going off to college.

Okay, enough of my ramble. Here is Zack's 11 month update!

  •  19 pounds 9 ounces
  • 29 1/2 inches long
  • I think I'm going to regret saying this, but he is sleeping soooooo good!!! - I feel like we're all finally getting some good sleep. Zack is napping well and bedtime is usually very smooth. The only time he doesn't sleep well is when he is teething. So far we've only had one rough night this week. 
  • About 5 ounces a feeding - I am still nursing, but I have recently started to prepare Zack for the great one year cut off by giving him bottles instead of straight nursing. I have been really struggling with nursing, I really think I am ready for the next transition.  
  • Solids - We give Zack whatever it is that we are having for dinner - unless it's something completely unhealthy, which has in turn made us eat much healthier because I am not about making two meals. He eats really well and I think he prefers solids to milk. 
  • He is doing his own weird version of crawling. (SEE STORY BELOW)
  • He stands well and is still working on pulling up 
  • He has ONE TOOTH!!! It took forever for it to get here, but it finally made it!!! I am so excited. AND it looks like we have about three more waiting to make an appearance.
  • He is talking so much. He can say Dada, Mama (at least we think that's what he's saying), Dog (his absolute favorite thing to say) and Hi - those are all the words we think we've identified. 
Zack's Favorites
  • He loves to eat
  • He loves to take baths
  • He loves story time
  • He loves Mickey Mouse and laughs when he sees him; he even tries to talk back to them
  • He loves taking selfies or seeing himself in the mirror
  • He loves going on walks and being outside
  • He loves balloons
  • He LOVES his puppies and gives them hugs & kisses
  • He loves his sunglasses
  • And as usual, he loves eating, sleeping & pooping


So we had started laying goldfish out on a blanket on the floor to motivate this kid to crawl. It worked! However, he eventually learned that if he started to pull on the blanket that the goldfish would come to him as opposed to him doing all that work. So, that's what he did. He pulled on the blanket for his goldfish delivery. The funniest part to me was that he was so lazy that he wouldn't even pick the goldfish up and eat it, he would just put his face on the ground and pick it up with his mouth. He cracks me up. AND as Tim says, he works smart not hard. Hahahaha

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