Today I am 40 weeks and still going strong. Baby seems to be far more interested in his current surroundings than his future ones... At least we know he'll eventually get kicked outta there.

Last Friday I woke up absolutely convinced that he would be coming by the end of the weekend. I told Tim that instead of meeting for our weekly lunch date that he should finish things up at work because I was so sure it was going to happen. Sure enough, we both wrapped things up and then we waited......and waited. As you can tell nothing happened!!! Not even a single contraction.

Saturday Tim had a work event at a Spring Training Baseball game, so we headed out. All of Tim's co-workers and employees were pretty shocked that I came along. One of Tim's guys begged me to have the baby or at least go into labor by Sunday night, because if I did he wouldn't have to work the night shift. It was pretty funny. Every time he would see me he would encourage me to walk. We were hoping that the outing would help to get things moving, but no such luck.

Sunday morning we woke up early with a few errands to run and chores to do, but while Tim was out and about - and I was feeling good - I decided that instead of a day spent around the house I would take him to another baseball game. We had a great time, met a few former players and got some autographs. It was a warm day and our seats were in the sun, so we spent a good amount of time walking or standing in the shade. Again, we hoped that it would get things moving, but no such luck.

As you can tell, nothing happened on Monday or Tuesday either... so here we are....still waiting.

We had our 40 week prenatal appointment today. Baby's heart beat was good and strong. I'm doing good and the belly is measuring in at 39 weeks. The discussion was all about induction - how it will work, when it will happen, etc. We are scheduled to go in on Tuesday, the 17th at 11 p.m. to begin the 24-48 hour process (SERIOUSLY???). So, unless this kid decides to come between now and then, our little boy will be arriving on March 18th. We are really hoping that it happens naturally so we can avoid being induced - who has that kind of time? I mean being induced is starting to look like 4 or 5 days in the hospital since my doctor has me staying 48 hours after baby as it is....oh this kid!

All in all, I'm feeling good. Impatient, but good. I'm guessing that he's going to weigh between 8 and 9 pounds....he just feels so big!!! I have everything ready and my house is cleaner than it's ever been. Probably more from the boredom than anything else. I have to do something to keep myself busy and off the anxiety train....I have done 2 puzzles and am working on my third; I've read two books and am working on my third; and I have completed countless projects around the house in these last two to three weeks - the puzzles have been in the last couple of days.  

In other news, one day this week - I can't remember which day - my feet swelled up. It took me a bit to notice. It felt funny to walk and when I finally looked down to check it out I had to laugh. I wish I'd taken a picture. My toes were super swollen. It looked like there was no space between my toes. It was the most interesting and exciting pregnancy symptom I've had!!! It was gone by the next morning and has yet to return.

How far along: 40 Weeks
Gender: A very stubborn little BOY
Stretch marks: I'm going to say that I've hit three 
Belly button in or out: Still on the verge of popping out but not out

Sleep: Same as always off and on. I have good days and bad 
Best moment this week: Meeting Rick Monday and going to baseball games.....and nachos!
Miss anything: Feeling like my normal self....being able to put on/take off my shoes without being uncomfortable
Movement: It's definitely slowed down, but I'm still feeling him roll around
Cravings: None really
Queasy or sick: I'm feeling good!!!
Looking forward to: Having the baby  

Weeks Left: 1 until they induce me
Effaced/Dilated: Completely effaced; 1 cm "almost two" -My Doctor ....she also said "You're ready to go!!!" But I didn't have much hope when they scheduled the induction. 

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