Canary Melon; Week 36

We had the greatest weekend with my family out in Palm Springs. I was beyond happy that we were able to make the trip. It is one of the things I look forward to the most and it never disappoints.

This week has been pretty uneventful otherwise. Now that we are home I am officially attacking my "To Do Before Baby" list, which is mostly just cleaning and organizing.

Thankfully, at my last ultrasound, everything continued to look great with Baby Nick. He is growing at a steady rate and they are very happy with where we are at. They determined that he weighed about 5 pounds, he is head down and my cervix is starting to ripen. So, we are in the home stretch. I have another ultrasound today and I can't wait to see if I have progressed any further. I am hoping for a February Baby...I want as much space between the boy's birthdays as I can get!!

We got to Palm Springs early Friday afternoon and I was so happy that my mom and sister came early too. Zack was so excited to see my mom - he kept shouting for her once he saw her car. Then, when he saw Auntie Katie, he would not let go of her hand. It was pretty cute. We spent the weekend swimming, eating, playing games and just having a fun time being together. We celebrated sweet Norah's birthday and all of the kids loved playing with my brother's puppy Buster. The kids rode their bikes and Zack was finally interested in one and kept sitting on his cousin's tricycle. James, who is about 6 months younger than Zack, loved the bikes too, but every time he would go on one Zack would run over and put a helmet on him. It was so cute.

I was worried about how Zack would adjust to being around all of the kids and the sharing of toys, but he did great. He handed toys to others and didn't shove anyone - at least I didn't see him do it. He truly loved playing with everyone and walking around. Uncle Kevin took him for a ride on his bike and as soon as Zack was off he kept clapping his hands.

One of the highlights of the trip was when I successfully convinced most people that my water had broke. Reilly and I conspired to really get my mom. We did it after dinner, when it was dark so no one would see that my pants weren't actually wet. So....while Reilly was looking one way having a convo with my sister, I stood facing my mom as he poured water under me. It was loud enough that everyone heard. I grabbed my belly and looked at my mom and said "My water broke." It was priceless!!!! I wish I'd had someone video the whole thing. I didn't let my mom panic too long before I told her it was a joke. I know, I'm mean, but when the opportunity presents itself you have to take advantage!!!

Everything else is going good around here. I am exhausted all of the time and officially exhaust myself when putting my shoes on. My belly feels so heavy and I find that I am so unbelievably uncomfortable, no matter what I am doing. I am more than ready to have this baby. I wouldn't be mad if they sent me in today to have him. In fact, I'd probably cry tears of joy!!!

Zack is doing great too. Poor kid doesn't know what is coming...His whole world is about to change and I really have no clue how to prepare him for it. His Auntie Katie gave him some play doh and showed him how to roll it out and use the little stamps to make shapes, letters and numbers, so that is his new favorite thing to do. He watched the Disney Cars movie on our drive to California and since has started calling his Lightening McQueen car by name....he really only calls it Queen, but its still pretty damn cute.

The count down continues.....3 or 4 weeks till baby.....

I love these kids more than they will ever know!!!!! So happy to watch them grow up together

This is how you get a bunch of little kids to look in the same direction for a picture!!!!

How far along: 36 Weeks
Gender: BOY
Stretch marks: Yup
Belly button in or out: Same as last week
Sleep: Blah. If only I could get comfortable. 
Best moment this week: Being in the desert with all my family
Miss anything: Sleep. Breathing.
Movement: Lots and lots
Cravings: None really
Queasy or sick: Feeling pretty good
Looking forward to: Having this baby!!!!

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