I may be weak, but at least I'll sleep better

I'm weak...

Night one in the crib went as well as could be expected. Zack snoozed away peacefully as I laid awake glued to the monitor. I must have gone into his room a hundred times to check on him and each time he was perfectly fine.

Tonight started off well too. When we put him to bed, he went to his crib. We went about our night and I checked on him just about every 20 minutes. Then, it was time for us to go to bed and I broke. 

For some reason, tonight was much harder than last night. Maybe it was the lack of sleep!

We're gonna take this transition slow and alternate nights between the co-sleeper and crib.....for my sake!!!

I don't know why in having such a hard time with this. Is it normal? Do all moms go through this? I'm weak, I know. I am a firm believer in ripping off the band-aid and doing the hard thing now rather than a bigger problem in the future, but tonight I'm going to be weak and keep my baby close.....and at least I'll get some sleep!!!!

After having Zack, my sister-in-law told me that the worrying about your kids never goes away.... I'm only three months in, but she was right!!!! Not a moment passes that I don't worry about something with him. 

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