So Loved

Guess what.........

I'm still pregnant!!!

We had a few big contractions on Sunday night. I'm not going to lie, we got excited!!! We had about 4 over the course of a couple hours before they just stopped. Tim has an app for tracking the timing and we got pretty excited when we started to see a pattern. They were different then what I know to be Braxton Hicks contractions, so we had high hopes, but alas, it was a no go. We're chalking them up to strong braxton hicks.

All in all, I'm feeling good. Since my doctor and I discussed not hanging our hopes on any particular date, I've been just going along to get along. I have two thoughts that run through my mind - one being "HOLY CRAP! We only have 14 days before we officially become parents!!!" and the second being "HOLY CRAP! I can't wait...only 14 more days!!!" We're getting more and more excited around here and I'd be lying if I didn't admit to a hint of fear.

This weekend we had BIG plans. Since it was supposed to rain for five days straight and we both LOVE the rain, we decided that we would do nothing but relax and binge watch season 3 of House of Cards. Sadly, the weather man is a liar! It rained for about 5 minutes before the sun broke through. Of course, with the sun being out, we decided to go out and do we ran a few errands.

Rudy had a vet appointment because he has this big sore on his arm that he has been non stop licking and biting. Apparently, the small cut from the groomer has turned into this huge issue. Needless to say, we're never going to that groomer again. 

In other news, I think we've FINALLY decided on the least for this week!!! We've decided then changed our minds so many times throughout these past 39 weeks. It's all my fault too...I go back and forth, then talk to Tim about it, which leads to us talking about it for a couple days...we decide then inevitably go back to the table. Everyone seems to call him something different - one of Tim's co-workers only refers to him as Jake, another as Woody (not happening!) and a couple of others as Zack or Owen...sometimes both. It makes me laugh.

How far along: 39 Weeks
Gender:  BOY
Stretch marks: Still only two
Belly button in or out: Ugh! It is still technically in but barely. I hate the feeling of bumping against the counter or is not pleasant. 

Sleep: This weekend was great for sleep. I wake up pretty energized every morning and am usually ready for a nap or rest in the afternoon and bed at 9pm. I'm falling right to sleep too...its been amazing!!!
Best moment this week: Just spending some one on one time with Tim.
Miss anything: Not this week
Movement: Lots of rolls and uncomfortable kicks
Cravings: Mostly just things from back home - like Miguel's Jr., Butches Grinders, etc.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good!
Looking forward to: Having this baby!!!

Weeks Left: 1 till Due Date but we're leaning toward 2 more weeks
Effaced/Dilated: Almost 100%; 1 cm - Next appointment is Thursday, so I'm hoping for a change here....I'll update later.

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