The good, the bad & a baby nursery

This last week was a mix of good and bad. We got an awful lot accomplished but I seemed to have hit a mental wall and I had a run in with a doctor who really set me off...

Alright, so I'm going to pick up where I left off...last Wednesday....

So, I woke up....HA! As if I actually got sleep... I got out of bed in the worst mood. There were tears and the worst pain in my back/tailbone that I've ever felt in my life. Poor Tim was on his way to work and I was just so upset. He took his time to calm me down before he left, but eventually the emotions came roaring back in full force. I felt like I'd hit a wall in the pregnancy. All I could think about was just getting the baby out of me. I was DONE. I did everything I could to get myself out of my funk but nothing worked.

Thankfully, my best friend was in town and meeting her for dinner was the only thing getting me out of bed and dressed. Turns out, dinner with my friend was EXACTLY what I needed. I don't think I've laughed so hard in months. Spending the evening with her seemed to "reset" me. I went home and just felt better. We spent the next afternoon together and before we knew it we'd been occupying the same booth in a restaurant for a solid 4 hours. The funny thing is that it's not like we sat there and I cried about being done with pregnancy, it was mentioned, but we just talked about everything and nothing. It was perfect! So to my best friend Tina, Thank you!!! I needed that time with you and that break from my own head. You're good for my soul. Lol.

Oh....and it has to be mentioned that we found a midget bar....we were on our best behavior - for as long as we could be....there are plans to revisit this place!!!

Friday I had my 36 week prenatal visit. First of all, baby is doing great. Heart beat was perfect. I didn't get to see my regular doctor because she was out sick, so I had to see the new guy. Oh new guy! I've never wanted to punch someone in the face more in my life. Every question I asked was answered with a condescending "you don't need to worry about that." My questions were things like "Am I effaced?" "Am I dilated?" Etc. He kept telling me that I didn't have to worry about these things and every concern was followed up with his voice coming from behind my file - no eye contact - saying "I know how you feel and it's not that bad." EXCUSE ME?!?! How the hell would he know how it feels? When was the last time he pushed a baby out of his penis? I'm sorry, but he can kiss my waddling ass. He was such a jerk. Finally, after he'd left the room, his nurse came back in and apologized on his behalf. She told me that his notes said that I was about 50% effaced but no dilation. She took a few minutes to explain the pain in my back/tailbone and recommended a few things I could do to ease the pain. I have to see him one more time because my doctor is on vacation this week and the other guy doesn't have any availability. I have half a mind to skip this appointment altogether.

Since my visit with Tina, I have bounced back. The tailbone pain has not fully subsided so much as dulled. I'm mentally back in the game and busy getting things finished before the little guy gets here. Tim and I spent the weekend working on chores. Tim worked on his to do list and is more than half way done with off!... While I only got two or three things knocked off my list. This past weekend we had a dog trainer come in to assess our dog training needs. We finished the baby's room.... Mostly!

- DOG TRAINING: There was good news and bad news....the good news is that Rudy is the angel we always knew he was...his problem is solely the jumping. The trainer began working with him and Rudy seemed to be getting it after the first few lessons. We've already seen a huge reduction in the jumping. We need to find people to come visit to help us stop him from jumping on visitors. The bad news is that Rockne is the monster we always knew he was....his problems are numerous! There is jumping, barking, staying, and leash pulling. Apparently he has stranger danger anxiety and barks out of complete fear. The poor little guy is afraid of everything...even balloons! The jumping is an easy fix because he only does it if and when Rudy does. The barking is going to be our biggest hurtle with him. Since he is afraid of everything, we have to show him that things, like the doorbell, are not to be feared and visitors are positive. The staying is just going to take more time and practice. The trainer focused a lot of time on leash training and I was impressed at how easy he made it look and how quickly Rockne was learning it. I had to give up taking the dogs on walks because Rockne would pull so hard that it would start to hurt my belly. I look forward to starting our daily walks back up again.

- BABY'S ROOM: Finally! I feel like we're ready for him to come...Tim's office/ManCave has officially been turned into a nursery. Photos on the left are before baby; photos on the right are the transformation into nursery.

              BEFORE.                                AFTER. 

I really think he needs something on the wall above his crib...It's so bare! But 1. I don't know what to put and 2. Being from Ca, my parents always said that you don't put anything above your bed in case there is an earthquake. Now we're in Az and everyone out here tells me I'm crazy. They all have things above their kids beds. I just don't know what to I being paranoid???

I was going to buy this lamp from Pottery Barn Kids but couldn't convince myself that $80 for the base, $40 for the shade, plus shipping & handling was worth it. I got lucky during a trip to Home Goods and found this similar lamp for $30...I love Home Goods!!! (Pottery Barn lamp on the left; Home Goods lamp on the right)

How far along: 37 weeks
Gender:  BOY
Stretch marks: 
Belly button in or out: Peeking out

Sleep: The worst part of my pregnancy.... I love to sleep.... Why can't I sleep?!?!
Best moment this week: Spending time with my best friend.
Miss anything: Feeling normal
Movement: It's mostly rolls and less kicks these days
Cravings: Powdered cake donuts
Queasy or sick: Feeling good
Looking forward to: Having this baby 

Weeks Left: 3
Effaced/Dilated: 50%; 0 cm

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