January 2014

Happy (belated) New Year!!!!

Again, we celebrated another holiday away from family and friends....and our first year away from a fun family tradition that my brother started after his girls were born....The Rose Parade. I'm a sucker for family traditions!!!

Here was our January....

©     We had BIG plans for ringing in the new year, but Tim's work had other plans. With a heavy rollout and a new strategy, I knew it was likely that our plans would hang on the volume of his workday. When he finally got home, we were not up for fighting the crowds and decided to celebrate at home. We busted open our booze cabinet and decided that we would take a shot every half hour until we got to midnight. That was fun! We played games, drank, talked and had a great night - one of the perks of being married to your best friend, you can still sit back and hangout like the old days!

©     In mid January we headed back to California for our nephews baptism which coincided with a friend's 21st Birthday. She had to work but we managed to squeeze in a visit. We went to a bar downtown and proceeded to do shot after shot and have drink after drink. We had such a fun time, but the drinking kicked my butt.

Happy Birthday Katie!!!! I love you!!!!

©     That same weekend we were honored to become God Parents to our sweet nephew Andrew. It was a special day and we enjoyed every last moment with the family. Per the new family tradition, Katie brought a piñata shaped like the devil! It is hilarious to watch all the kids with the piñata, especially Liam. He really got into it. After not being home for months, Andrew's Baptism was just what I needed. I was surrounded by those I love the most and had such a great time.

©     In late January, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We did our usual where we watched (only a few parts) of our wedding video and wrote love letters to each other to open on anniversaries in the future. I can't believe that it's been two years already, it's gone by so fast.









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