February 2014

Ugh! By the time I'm done with updates, I'll have to add another one for April.

Here's what happened in February....

©     The beginning of February began with my hunt for a new doctor. My goal was to find someone who could keep me on track with my asthma and supply me with emergency inhalers. What I found were residual problems leftover from the "Great Throat Problem of 2012." My blood work came back great except for a few minor problems. The medication that I had been on for 6 months had started to affect my liver, kidneys, adrenal glands and thyroid. Long story. The good thing is that slowly but surely everything is getting worked out. The great news is that my doctors out here (yes, I have 3 to answer to!) are amazing and within a little over a month my blood work numbers have improved. I feel much better too.

©     Valentine's Day brought an extra special surprise. My mama, sister and nieces came out for a quick weekend visit. We had such a great time. Saturday morning we headed to a place called Goldfield Ghost Town where we enjoyed a fun train ride and horseback riding. Everyone had so much fun. It was like a day of running around a giant playground. We were all so exhausted by the time we got home that we settled for ordering in some Chinese food and watching movies. The next morning we headed out to breakfast and a little shopping trip before they headed home. I loved having them visit.





©     I'm pretty sure we had more happening in February, but I just cannot remember what.

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