Busy New Year

I cannot believe that it's February already. 2013 is going to fly by as fast as 2012 did...We have been so busy that we've hardly had time to think, let alone write...

Here is what we've been up to this January.....

We had a great time bringing in the new year with Tim's family, my mom and my brother Kevin and his family. We ate, drank, played games and had a great time.

The next morning we woke up ridiculously early and headed for the Rose Parade. Somehow, going to the Rose Parade has become a family tradition.....and a rough one at that!!! Its rough to wake up so early after staying up so late, but every year we have so much fun that it all becomes worth it.

Sadly, our Notre Dame boys lost the National Championship game to Alabama. It was a rough game to watch and sad night for McPherson's and Meier's alike. In the end, we must give credit where credit is due and congratulate Alabama on their phenomenal win.

The next few weeks, we were busy helping my mom recover from surgery, showering baby Norah - and parents to be - with lots of gifts to help them prepare for her arrival, and celebrating baby Liam's first birthday.

Before we knew it, our wedding anniversary was here....sadly, Tim ended up working late and our plans had to be tweaked a bit. We managed to salvage the evening and rescheduled plans for an evening out.

Oh...and what a wonderful gift Tim's bosses gave us.....a new work schedule. Yay! They just seem to have the best timing with these things.....yup, once again, our lives will be flipped upside down and I get to watch as my husband tries to manage on three hours of sleep a night.....Do I sound bitter...maybe just a bit......Sorry, I got a bit of track.

Anyway, I plan on writing a little something about our first year of marriage soon enough. We've been through a lot and have certainly learned a lot about life and love.

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