When I was 15 years old, my oldest brother Dan (I stopped myself from saying Danny - just for you Dan) and Tanya had their first child and my first niece, Madeline Emma. From the moment I met her, I fell in love. I spent as much time with her as I could. Maddie and I were close right from the start and have been "BFF" ever since.

As my brothers and sister all went on to have kids, my heart seemed to solve the mystery - How could anyone love more than one baby?

My heart grew with each new addition to our family - when my nephew Jack arrived, being all boy and de-potting plants before he could walk!!!!! - with the arrival of twin nieces, Olivia & Lucy, who stole my heart and give me the biggest smiles - when Elizabeth, the miracle baby arrived, how my sister managed her pregnancy with so many awful things happening round her, is beyond me - and finally (FOR NOW) with the arrival of my nephew Liam, who warms my heart with a little grin.

These kids are so important to me and I will spend the rest of my life letting them know that they are loved by me. I will always be there for them and I hope they always know that.

So, yesterday was probably one of the greatest days I've had in a while. I got to spend the whole day with these kiddos that make me so happy.

I headed off for our weekly beach visit with Maddie and Jack. Half way there we found out the Kevin and the twins were going to join us....Yay!!! We had a great time. We all swam, built sandcastles and played football. It was a great day.

To top it off, Katie was coming into town with Lizzy for her weekly visit. We all headed for mom's!!!! We swam, ate dinner and played bocce ball. It was seriously one of my favorite days ever!!!!

Maddie, Lulu, Olivia & Jack

Olivia & Lulu 

Me and my twin Maddie

Maddie, Lulu (purple), Jack & Olivia (pink)

Jack & Lizzy

My beautiful Lizzy Pie

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