Birthday Surprise

My sister and her daughter share the same birthday, so every year since she was born, we've focused on her and my sister has taken a backseat - naturally! But this year, my sister was turning 30 and I couldn't very well let that go by without celebrating. So, I planned something very special.

I saw this on Pinterest - seriously, you should check it out if you haven't already!!!

I brainstormed with my family and came up with 30 memories of my sister. I took 30 index cards, wrote down each memory and tied a memory to a balloon.

Step One: Buy 30 Balloons
Some of the balloons said Happy 30th Birthday
The others were blank

Step Two: Index cards, sharpies and a hole punch
Step Three: Write down all of the memories....
Step Four: Tie the index cards to the balloons.....

My sister loved it! She read every single card and laughed through it. It got us talking about the past and some of our favorite times together. It was great to watch her read them and it was great to show her just how special she is to me. Of course all of the little girls loved playing with the balloons as soon as Katie was done reading all of her cards.

I bought pizza for dinner - hey it was easy! - and an ice cream cake. We had a good time celebrating Katie and Lizzy.
The Birthday Girls

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