My one post for September!!!!

I can't even remember what my last post was about. I vaguely recall it had something to do with Rudy.....

Anyway, since that last post, my life has become even busier than before and several new changes have taken place. I have lost two pairs of shoes, I hurt my back and I've handled over 15 bloody noses!!! Jealous?

Lets see....where do I begin????????

In early September, I got a new job. I am now working as a Secretary/School nurse for a private school. In my first week, I had a second grader request that I pull out her tooth so that she could put said tooth under her pillow and receive money from the tooth fairy, that she could then spend in our student store. She did offer me 50% of her treats, but I turned her away; tooth in tact. Several students have come in with bloody noses and I'm starting to think these kids need to drink more water. I've had a kindergartner who'd had an accident and that was rough. I eventually distracted her from crying by talking about sports.....And then, there is Phillip. He is an interesting kid. I see him everyday and its always something new, but he deserves a blog post all his time! - All in all, the job is great and I really love it. I actually wake up in the morning and I'm excited to go to work. The kids treat me very well and a few of our 7th and 8th graders like to just stop by and see me in the afternoon. I realize that I do like working with children and I'm doing alright with it. Hey, I even made a kid giggle while I helped him with his homework! It felt good!

Since I've been working, we've been leaving Rudy home alone. We're hoping that he will adjust to being here and that he'll stop being a holy terror. In the first week I lost two pairs of shoes and Tim lost one. He broke a glass and shredded a paper coaster to bits. He's also taken to digging, which we knew was going to happen! We owe my mom lots of plants!!!! Other then that, Rudy is doing good. His training is still going well and he sits/stays/shakes/lays down/goes to bed/releases all on command. Now we are working on the jumping....some days I ask myself, "Why did you ask for a puppy?" Hahaha

Tim and I also bought our first car. We bought it a week ago. We'd been looking for a few months now and finally last Sunday, we dove in. Tim was amazing when it came down to the wheeling and dealing. I am not ashamed to say that once they started throwing around numbers I was lost and entirely confused. Tim stayed right with them and made them explain everything. It was amazing how quick he was. He stayed right on them until he got what he was looking for. It sure takes a certain type of person to deal with those car sales men and Tim did such an amazing job....can you tell how proud I am of him?

Anyway, we got a Toyota Camery. My brother has one and I've loved it. I was always so happy when he'd let me drive it!!!! We looked into a Camery, Accord and Malibu. When push came to shove, we choose the Camery. Its beautiful and I love my drive to work everyday. Now I look forward to when we get another new car, but that won't be for awhile. Tim needs a new one now....hopefully in May/June.

Hopefully we'll have Cable and internet soon, so I'll be able to post more. Check back, because I plan to post some Engagement Pictures and Tales of Phillip!!!!

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