A New Job, Santa Barbara and a Hat Party

These past few weeks have been non stop busy and it looks like we'll have two more weeks of a hectic schedule. The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel...and by light I mean free weekends!!!

Time, we have learned, is very precious and some days there just seems like there isn't enough...

Tim & I in Santa Barbara
On July 18th, Tim accepted a new job. We were both thrilled with the offer and we look forward to opportunities that lie ahead for Tim. He's a smart, savvy, charismatic guy...give him a few weeks and he'll be running the place. The only down side with this new job is the hectic schedule he'll be on for a few weeks. Some days he'll be working the 3am-Noon shift and others he'll be working the 7pm-3am shift. Today (his first day) he's working the 8am-4pm shift - This is the shift I am praying he gets...it would add a little bit of normalcy to our lives. Anyway, we are very excited about the change and look forward to the changes coming in October/November -  when we buy a new car (FINALLY) and move. 

Mom in Santa Barbara
So, Tim used up his vacation time with UPS as his two weeks notice. This landed us a week and a half of vacation. We headed to Santa Barbara on the 23rd for our engagement pictures. My brother's girlfriend, Patty, is a phenomenal photographer and she did all of our photos. I'm not known for being shy towards a camera, but I will admit to feeling awkward when the "shoot" began. I just  kind of froze in this plastered smile, hand on the hip pose. Patty was amazing though! She was so kind and patient with us and she made us feel so comfortable with the camera. In no time, Tim and I didn't even notice the camera and we were laughing, joking, and smiling with Patty, my mom and brother. On top of everything, Patrick and Patty took us all around Santa Barbara and we had a great time...we'll definitely have to do it again!!!

Lucy, Lizzy & Olivia having their Hat Party
When we got home from Santa Barbara, Dan, Tanya, Maddie & Jack were at mom's house for a swim. Shortly after, Kevin & the twins, and Katie & Lizzy showed up. It was a spontaneous pool party!!! We had a great time.

Later that night, Kevin, Katie, Mom, Tim and I played pickle ball (its just like smash ball) in the front yard. The twins and Lizzy sat on a blanket and watched us, while they had their own Hat Party. 

It was the perfect end to an already amazing weekend......enjoy these snap shots....

Maddie & Lizzy
Jack & Rudy

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