An Unwanted Surprise

If you know me, then you know that I don't stick around when a bee, spider or any other bug is around. My reaction to bees has given many laughs to my family throughout the years and its a very serious reaction.

Long story short, I freak out! These freak outs usually include screaming and running away with a complete look of terror on my face. I cannot recall a time in my life when I've been stung by a bee or attacked by a spider. I probably have no real reason to react the way that I do, but I just do......

Anyway, my point is....I have a SERIOUS fear of these things which made a gift I got today, the WORST surprise EVER!!!

I try to remain calm. One time, while holding my niece Olivia, a bee started to buzz by us while in the pool. I was terrified. Kevin just laughed at me as I made lil whining/screaming noises and passed the baby to him. He kept laughing at me asking me if I was going to drop the baby and run - NO, I wouldn't do that....No worries Gracer, I was ready to take a sting for you!!!!

Today, my mom came home with this white box and said, I have a special gift for you. She started talking about where she found it and I started to open it. I broke the packing tape off, opened the box and started to unwrap the tissue paper when a HUGE spider crawled out of the tissue paper and back into the box.

Naturally, I flipped out! I screamed bloody murder threw the box on the ground and ran into another room. My mom, (calmly) sitting on the sofa, kept asking me what happened. I told her about the spider and she (calmly) picked up the box and started looking for the spider. I was afraid that the spider might have escaped the box, so I ran, turned on the overhead light and jumped up on the desk.

A few minutes later, my mom had disposed of the spider and talked me down from the desk. Soon enough, we were laughing at my silly response to the spider. But seriously, I was terrified!!! She assures me that she did not plant the spider in the box. Hahahahaha. I will forever be cautious of opening gifts now!!!

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