Sarah and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Everyone is well aware of Murphy's Law - Anything that can go wrong, Will go wrong. Today, I experienced this first hand. Usually, I don't "sweat the small stuff". I'm a pretty upbeat kinda girl, but today, I could NOT - for the life of me - turn it around.

It all started when I woke up late. Which isn't a big deal but enough to frazzle you on your way out. Anyway, I hopped outta bed and started to get ready. At first, I couldn't find my shoes, then I couldn't find my phone, then I set everything down to feed the dog and when I thought I was all set, I couldn't find my keys. Losing all of these things - which I have to admit, were always right in front of my face - made me late even more.

Today, I was heading to Loma Linda for a doctors appointment that I had scheduled forever ago - no worries, just a check up. This doctor is painfully hard to get in to see, so its best to keep a standing appointment, seriously!!! So I'm driving in to Loma Linda and everything is fine. The time that I had set aside for traffic had been stolen by my inability to locate certain items this morning, but traffic was no longer a concern as the freeway was wide open. I start to feel better and when I look at my watch, I realize that I have plenty of time. Finally, I exit Washington and head to the FMO. Just as I am breathing another sigh of relief for being on time, traffic stops. They have Washington down to one lane and no one is moving - AT ALL!!! The traffic on Washington takes me about 20-30minutes to get through. It was driving me nuts, especially when I would look over and see that no construction was being done. In fact, there wasn't anyone out there. Just a bunch of little orange cones that I contemplated running down on principle....but I didn't!

So FINALLY, I make it to the parking lot and my appointment is in about 5minutes. This parking lot is huge and I have never had a problem finding a spot. Until today!!! I drove around for about 15 minutes until I was lucky enough to spot the one guy leaving. I park and run in. The lady was very nice and understood as I explained and apologized for being late.

And this is where I started to play....THE WAITING GAME!!!! Hooray!!! I filled out my paperwork and turned it in. She told me that it would be just a few minutes before I would be called back. So I wait and wait and wait and wait. I look at the clock and see that it is an hour past my appointment time, but I think - since I was late they probably took a walk-in or let someone go ahead of me. So I wait some more! I shit you not, two hours later the entire lobby is packed with people and one person has been called back - HINT, it wasn't me! So I get up and politely ask how much longer this will take. The receptionist again assures me that it will be just a few minutes! At this point, I have already started to lose what little patients I have and when I go to sit back down, I see that some guy has taken my seat. Another 20 minutes pass and the nurse steps into the lobby and says my name!!! I go in the back, do the doctor thing and I am on my way in less than 20...Really, was it that hard to do your job Dr, really?

I am frustrated but glad to be out of there. After a quick hello to my mom, I am heading home. As I head back down Washington, I notice that I need gas. Just outside of Loma Linda, on Washington, I see a whole bunch of traffic. Those damn orange cones have moved themselves to the other side of the street and again, there isn't any construction happening. Keeping my cool, I decide to head in another direction for the freeway. Not a problem! Just before the freeway entrance, I spot a gas station - perfect, I'll fill up before heading home. I pull in, give the machine my money and start to pump. I notice that there are cars all around me, but no people. I'm trying to pump gas, but for some reason, the gas keeps spilling out and onto the side of the car. Maybe I don't have the nozzle in right. So I adjust and restart, to no avail. I try this three or four times, when the guy next to me comes out and says that the pump I am at is broken and I should just go inside and get my money back. I thank the man and head in. The line of angry people is ridiculous! Apparently this has happened to everyone and they're not gonna take it. I wait and wait and wait for my turn - I'm the last one in line. The girl at the register looks like she's about to cry, but I have no sympathy for her since she is texting while in conversation with customers. Her solution to my problem is to move me to another pump. I'm fine with this, after all, she didn't break the pump. So I move my car and wait for her to get it all set up. A few minutes standing there, I think its not working, so I go inside to check. She is texting when she looks up at me and says "ooohhh, I forgot". She giggles and says she'll do it right now. A couple minutes later, the machine is still not on, so I march my happy ass back inside. Another giggle and an oops later, I am back by the car waiting to pump gas. Still nothing. I am so frustrated at this point, I walk back in, get my money back and pray that I'll be able to make it safely home.

A few hours later, I am at the bowling alley ready to bowl. Sadly enough, I was having an off night and didn't even manage to hit my average. I was very disappointed. Our team won three out of four games, so its okay.

After bowling, I remember that I needed to go to CVS for some stuff, so I head there. My mind is reviewing my shopping list as I grab my purse and open my door. I feel a tug around my neck, then I feel a snap and hear something hit the ground. My necklace had broke! I start to panic. This necklace was a birthday gift from my parents on my 20th birthday, I love it and have worn it everyday since. After my dad died, I put the heart shaped charm with his hand print on there, I couldn't lose it!! I am searching and searching for the pieces and I can't find them. I am using my phone for light as I crawl around searching. Tears are streaming down my face and people are looking at me like I'm crazy. Maybe I am! Finally, I find the heart piece, now I just need to find the other piece. I know that its a needle in a haystack, but I am determined to find it. I was completely aware of my situation, this was not a good time/place to be doing this, but I wasn't going to stop. I heard someone walk up behind me and I got scared. I turned around as he said "is there a problem here miss?" It was a cop. Tears still streaming down my face, I try my best to explain. The officer just gets very quiet and is probably thinking he needs to take me in, when he pulls out his flash light and helps me look. A few minutes later, he starts describing what he's just found and I realize that he'd found it!!! Without even thinking, I jumped up and gave him a hug. A smile broke out on his face and he told me to get home and have a better night. My necklace is still broken and that makes me sad, but I'm happy that I found all of it and  I am very thankful for that police officer's help....who says cops are useless!

Anyway, that ended my bad day. In retrospect, it wasn't that bad. It just felt like everything was going wrong for me. All in all, I am happy that this day is behind me....until next time!!!

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