Like sand through the hour glass....

I was talking to a friend about Christmas and we began talking about a party that we both had attended. Then we started to figure out how long ago that had been and as it turns out, this party that we thought was two years ago (TOPS) was more like six years ago! Time really flies when you're having fun, right?

Anyway, my post is going to be short tonight because I have to catch up on a whole bunch posts...Tonight, my Christmas Shout Out is to those who have passed away, especially in 2010. You will certainly be missed this holiday season.

Here's to you:
  • Dad; 1939-2010
  • Gary; 1927-2010
  • Craig;  1984-2010
  • Michael; 1983-2010
  • Thomas; 1988-2010
  • Megan; 1988-2010
  • Lydia; 1987-2010
  • Uncle Larry; passed in 2009

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