Kindness Knows No Bounds

My dad's brother, Uncle Mike, made a good decision when he married Aunt Mary. She is the sweetest, kindest woman I have ever met. When she gives you a hug, she makes you feel so special and its as if you can breathe a sigh of relief.

When my dad passed away in April, his brother (Uncle Mike), Aunt Mary (Mike's wife) and Aunt Sharon (dad's sister) came to California. One of their first stops was our house, where long hugs were given to my mom. While Aunt Sharon and Uncle Mike were talking with mom, Aunt Mary came into the living room and gave me the biggest hug. She immediately told me how much she loved dad and she told me stories from way back when.

So, naturally, my Christmas Shout Out goes to my very lovely Aunt Mary. Like I said, she is the kindest soul you'll ever meet and she has such compassion. She is so much fun to sit and talk with, she has some great stories of my parents and a joke or two on top of that. Like Aunt Sharon, Aunt Mary is ready to have some fun! To my Aunt Mary, I wish you a wonderful holiday, I love you and I hope someday I am as kind and compassionate as you. Also, I hope you and Uncle Mike come to the cabin in January!!!

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